praniSheba Shop is the first e-commerce platform for the livestock sector of Bangladesh. It is envisaged to be the number one online shop for the livestock sector. In this platform, individual users, cattle farmers, and business associates all over Bangladesh can purchase:

  • Organic Products

  • Milk, Dairy & Sweet Items

  • Crafts

  • Cattle Feed/Supplement or Poultry Feed

  • Machinery items 

  • Veterinary Items & Tools

  • Veterinary medicine

  • Live Animals

praniSheba Shop would be a game-changer in the way goods and services are bought and sold in the agricultural market of Bangladesh. We bring the best of products at the best value right to your doorstep. You can concentrate on your core activities while leaving the concern of operational purchases in our hands. 

Why praniSheba Shop

  • One-stop purchasing solutions for all agricultural products.

  • Avoid the need to travel to different markets or check with tens of vendors to know the best price, simply scroll through our website.

  • Transparent pricing.

  • All the products listed on our website are genuine from authentic sources.

  • We provide a great user experience along with powerful features which give our customers full control over the website while keeping it simple.

We are focused on providing an excellent customer experience, ease of purchase, comprehensive customer care, and hassle-free shopping and returns experience.


On all orders over ৳5000


7 Days Money Back




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