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Collected from Barisal, this handcrafted dinner set will brighten up your home. Clay pots are undoubtedly a great legacy of our rural or countryside lifestyle. Heat and moisture move in clay pots due to the porosity and natural insulation qualities of clay. This makes cooking in a clay pot slower, but it also prevents inexperienced cooks from burning their meals. Because of the porosity and inherent insulating properties of clay, heat and moisture flow in clay plates. Many critical elements, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and sulfur, are added to meals by clay and are incredibly valuable to our bodies. Clay aids in the prevention of microorganisms and hence keeps food fresh. The clay water mug maintains our metabolism operating smoothly. This type of mug is beneficial for persons who are trying to lose weight or who are overweight.

  • Clay plate - 6 pieces
  • Clay Mug - 6 pieces
  • Clay Pot - 3 pieces

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